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Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork Expected In June; Here’s What To Expect

Cardano has hit a major milestone in its journey to the June Hardfork Combinator Event (HFC). John Woods, director of Cardano architecture at IOG, announced that all the features to be introduced in the upgrade are now “code complete.”

Cardano’s Vasil Hardfork is on track for June

Woods revealed this while speaking with Kevin Hammond, a technology manager at IOG, as part of the company’s Mid Month Update. Woods explained that all the code for the features to be included in the June upgrade can now be found on the blockchain’s GitHub repository.

 We’re code complete now. It means that we’ve actually coded all of the changes that are required for these features. They’re on GitHub, Woods said.

However, the milestone is only one part of the journey to the upgrade. Developers are now carrying out deep quality assurance (QA) checks, which will go on for the next couple of months, to make sure everything is perfect.

When all the team is satisfied that there are no bugs, regressions, or performance slowdowns as a result of the code, integration testing will ensue, he revealed.  Based on expectations, Woods estimates that the HFC event is on track to happen on June 29.

Vasil Hardfork to pack a mega punch

The upgrade is a big deal for the Cardano network. In the words of the Cardano architect, it includes features that will “make apps sing on Cardano.”

In a YouTube broadcast, CEO of IOG Charles Hoskinson remarked on several of these features.  Most notably, it will introduce pipelining which will enhance block diffusion to allow the blockchain to scale further to the point where the network ushers in input endorsers.

A slew of other features includes enhancements to CIP 31, 32, and 33, as well as the introduction of reference scripts, inline datum, and reference inputs. Combined with bug fixes for older features, the upgrade will greatly improve the developer experience for projects building on Cardano.

As the upgrade draws nearer, exchanges and partners are also gearing up to support it. Meanwhile, the Cardano ecosystem continues to grow rapidly. This month has seen the launch of IOG’s Project Catalyst initiative in Africa. Called Ariob, it is an incubator scheme for providing funding to African start-ups.

However, the price of ADA has not seen a marked change despite the coming upgrade. ADA is trading at around $0.95, down 0.86% on the day. In the weekly timeframe, the token is down 10.4%.



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