Coinshare data brings bad news for Ether and Bitcoin Investors

According to digital asset manager Coin Shares, there is no good news for the cryptocurrency market on Monday. Outflow is being seen in other digital coins including Outer. according to the latest statistics, Ether’s investment products and funds generated negative sentiment for cryptocurrency within the last week of June.

Institutional investors raised $ 50 million (approximately Rs. 37,770 crores) from Ether’s investment products and funds. Statistics show that Eether was expelled for the fourth week in a row… Eether lost about 22% of its value against the dollar in June. On Monday, however, Eether rose 5.4 percent to 2,091.96 (approximately Rs 1.55 lakh).

Here Bitcoin products and funds incurred expenses for the seventh week during a row during which Rs 3.3 million (approximately Rs 9.96 crore) was recovered. Bitcoin emissions for this year reached $ 490 million (approximately Rs. 3,340 crore). Bitcoin has priced at Rs 25.90 lakh in India on Saints Peter and Paul at 2 pm (IST). The world’s largest cryptocurrency fell 8.4 percent against the dollar in June. In mid-April, the bitcoin is down about 46% from its all-time high of $ 65,000 (approximately Rs. 48.2 million).

Pankaj Balani, chief executive officer of the crypto derivatives exchange Delta Exchange, said, “We expect that the mixing of bitcoin will continue for future few weeks until a decisive step is taken. If so, the worldwide macro environment deteriorates. If so, the bitcoin is predicted to interrupt the critical level of 30,000 (approximately Rs. 22.2 million) and therefore the previous cycle to twenty,000,000. (Approximately Rs. 14.8.8 lakhs).

Overall, the corrupt investment product cost Rs 44 million (approximately Rs 32,325 crore) for the fourth consecutive week. As negative sentiment spread in mid-May, net weekly outflows reached $ 313 million (approximately Rs. 2,320 crore), or 0.8% of total assets under management.

Crackdown within the sector by China banning bitcoin mining activities has hurt the emotions of cryptocurrencies. additionally, British and Japanese regulators have independently issued warnings against banknotes, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Over the weekend, the UK’s financial regulator said Binance couldn’t engage in any formal activity. The regulator has issued a warning to users about this platform.

Japan has issued an identical warning to Binance, saying it had been providing corrupt exchange services to Japanese customers without registration. Under the administration, corrupt assets also fell to 38 38 billion (approximately Rs 2,82,120 crore) last week. At the top of April, AUM stood at 65 65 billion (approximately Rs. 4,82,620 crore).

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