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Hacking Group REvil Demands $70M in Bitcoin After Attacking US IT Firm Kaseya

A Russian-origin hacking group REvil is demanding $70 million in ransom after it attacked a US IT firm Kaseya on July 2nd, resulting in the shutdown of many supermarkets worldwide.

Hacking group REvil is demanding $70 million worth of Bitcoin in exchange for data that it has stolen in a cyber attack on US IT firm Kaseya on Friday, July 2nd.

According to the reports, the REvil malware initially targeted Kaseya, a US IT firm that provides services to some 36,000 businesses around the world. After taking control of Kaseya, the group then infiltrated the systems of its clients, resulting in the shutdown of hundreds of Swedish supermarkets.

Satnam Narang, an executive from a cyber-focused company Tenable, on Monday, July 5th, shared a tweet that contained an announcement from the hacking group. In the announcement, REvil claimed responsibility for the attack and said it had infected “more than a million systems”.

Reports from other IT companies suggests that around 200 firms had been affected by this so called “supply chain attack”. This include Swedish Coop Supermarkets that was forced to close 500 stores due to the attack. Other victims include 11 schools in New Zealand and the two Dutch IT firms. Kaseya said that fewer than 40 of its own customers had been affected.

Hacking group REvil has demand $70 million in ransom to be paid in form of Bitcoin. The group said:

“Our price is 70,000,000 in BTC and we will publish publicly decryptor that decrypts files of all victims, so everyone will be able to recover from attack in less than one hour.”

According to the reports, REvil group was also behind the recent cyber-attack on the world’s largest meat processing company JBS. The company paid $11 million to hackers to recover it systems.

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