iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature is Teasing Law Enforcement Authorities

iPhone 14’s crash detection feature is reported to have interesting issue that is teasing the law enforcement authorities by making false emergency calls.

According to a report by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ on Sunday, October 9, iPhone 14’s crash detection feature, which aims to alert authorities in the event of a car accident, sometimes triggers when people aren’t in danger.

The report by Joanna Stern, a technology columnist in the Journal, reports an incident where a 39-years lady’s iPhone 14’s crash detection feature triggered while she was enjoying a ride on a roller coaster at Cincinnati’s Kings Island amusement park.

After the enjoy full ride, she looked down at her phone and the lock screen was lined with missed calls and voice mails from a 911 emergency dispatcher asking if she was OK.

What Happened?

According to the report, during the ride, iPhone 14’s crash detection triggered and automatically dialed 911. The call to 911 featured an automated voice message that sounded like this:

“The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash and is not responding to their phone.”

You can listen the call here.

Apple has recently rolled out crash detection feature with its new iPhone 14, Watch Series 8, SE, and Ultra, equipping the devices with a gyroscopic sensor and high-g accelerometer trained on the impact experienced with simulated car crashes.

When it triggers, it alerts the nearby law enforcement authorities through an automated call and location. According to the 911, a team was dispatched to the location but they were not able locate an emergency.

The feature is doing what it is supposed to do but at wrong times. This is not a single incident. The WSJ reporter, in a tweet, said that Warren County, where Kings Island park is located, received six emergency calls triggered by park rides since the iPhone 14’s release. In an experiment to test the feature, the WSJ confirms it raised false flags.

The iPhone 14’s crash detection feature works but clearly has some flaws. A week ago, an iPhone detected the impact following a deadly car crash in a remote area near Lincoln, Nebraska, and alerted the emergency services. However, these false flags are putting an unnecessary burden on already busy law enforcement authorities.

Any Solution to iPhone 14’s Crash Detection Feature

Apple said that that the company would continue to improve Crash Detection over time. There may be improvements in the next software updates. Currently, the only way to prevent false flags is to switch off the feature while enjoying extreme rides in amusement parks.

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