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NYSE ‘Coming to Metaverse’, Files NFT-Related Trademark Application

The largest stock exchange in the world, NYSE or New York Stock Exchange, is entering the metaverse world. It has filed a trademark application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for registering the term “NYSE” for a wide range of metaverse – and non-fungible token (NFT)-related products.

Details of the application were first revealed by Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis and broke the news that NYSE is entering the metaverse segment.

NYSE applies for a trademark

The application talks about the process to trademark NYSE for NFTs, cryptocurrencies, digital collectibles, and marketplaces to trade and exchange them, wrote Kondoudis.

The trademark application was filed on February 10 and suggested that NYSE host a marketplace for buyers and sellers, and traders of downloadable virtual goods. It will include NFTs and NFT collectible series, digital collectibles, tokens, and art. The application also talks about “virtual reality” software and software for digital, virtual, and cryptocurrency wallets and storage.

The filing also included software and application programming interface (API) meant for transmitting, trading, sending, receiving, selling, storing, accepting, buying, and exchanging digital currency, virtual currency, cryptocurrency, and digital and blockchain resources.

NYSE Earlier Forayed in NFT’s

NYSE is not a stranger to NFT’s. For example, the American Stock Exchange had in early 2021 minted NFTs of the first trade made in the shares of six prominent US companies, including Spotify, Snowflake, Unity, DoorDash, Roblox, and Coupang.

NYSE is not alone in this process, fast-food giant McDonald’s also filed trademark applications for virtual restaurants, cafes, concerts, and other virtual services, goods, and events. In addition, Walmart and Crocs also have filed applications that suggest that these trading entities aim to offer virtual goods, digital assets, and NFTs.


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