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Polygon Hits Back Over This Criticism Of Their New Product Launch

Polygon recently made a big announcement about their plan to launch zkEVM. zkEVM is a layer 2 scaling option that uses zero-knowledge rollups to scale Ethereum. 

While most in the Polygon community celebrated the news, some critics have called out Polygon over acquiring a few parts of the zkEVM technology. Emir Gun Sirer, the CEO of Ava Labs, took a dig at Polygon and said that Ava Labs is proud to announce that they have built their technology with home-grown talent

The comments from Sirer did not sit well with Polygon co-founder Sandeep, who called him out for jealousy and stated that Alt-L1 blockchains have an existential threat from L2 solutions like Polygon. 

The Back and Forth, Explained

Sandeep believes that like the Ethereum merge, the zkEVM is a milestone for the Ethereum community. The company believes that their zkEVM is fully equivalent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine and will increase the speed of transactions while reducing gas costs. 

However, many critics have voiced the same opinion as that of Sirer. Mudit Gupta, the Chief Information Security Officer of Polygon, hit back at those critics and stated that the Web3 community needs better critics. He noted that company did the smart thing of acquiring useful technologies rather than reinventing the wheel. 

Polygon Executives Answer Other Criticisms

The Zero-Knowledge rollup market has been extremely competitive in the last couple of days. zkSync and Scroll also made major announcements regarding their ZK projects. However, Mihailo Bjelic, another co-founder of Polygon highlighted that zkSync isn’t completely open-source and Scroll only supports a portion of EVM compatibility. 

Moreover, Sandeep answered multiple critics’ queries regarding confusion between $MATIC and $ETH. He clarified that $MATIC will be the only token used for all networks, however for gas fees, $ETH will be used on all public chains. 

The Polygon community and their top executives remain bullish to reach their goal of becoming the TOP 3 most influential blockchain after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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