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Ukraine’s Planned Airdrop Likely Targeted By Phishing Attempt

Data from Etherscan showed Ukraine’s wallet appeared to be distributing a newly minted token to donors, ahead of a planned airdrop at 6 PM Kyiv time (11 AM ET). But twitter users pointed out that the move was likely being spoofed.

Ukraine Airdrop Phishing Attempt
Ukraine Airdrop Phishing Attempt

Peaceful World (WORLD), not so peaceful?

The token, Peaceful World (WORLD), appeared to be minted by the Ukrainian wallet, and even saw some liquidity. But Etherscan marked it as a potential phishing attempt, and advised caution in dealing with the token.

Twitter user @razoreth says,

As crypto donations to Ukraine crossed $50 million, the country’s official twitter handle on Wednesday announced an airdrop for donors, due at 6 PM Kyiv time (11 AM ET).

This sparked widespread speculation in the community about what could be distributed by the government. News of the airdrop invited a barrage of donations to the country, with its Ethereum wallet worth more than $10 million, according to data from Etherscan. While the country began accepting a wide variety of altcoins, even including popular memecoin doge, it released scant details about what will be distributed through the airdrop.

Twitter users have been speculating whether the airdrop would be an NFT thanking donors. But others say the airdrop could be a freshly minted token. The country’s Ethereum address was recently seen distributing a brand new token,



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